Yin Yang Sea

In the down stream of Jinguashi, a former gold mining town, lies the Yinyang sea. The name derives from two currents clashing against each other forming the neverending ying yang shape on the water. It is also home to the small village that used to process waste material from the mining activities upstream, including copper and other heavy waste metals. The town is now empty and quiet. Prosperity left when there is nothing left to mine. 



Community Dance Show

After spending a day photographing Jinguashi, a former gold mining town, I took the winding 788 bus down the mountain road to get to the nearest train station in the small town of Ruifang. The plaza outside of the station serves as the community center where cab drivers spend most of their days exchanging remarks and where the community comes together for entertainment. This particular evening, I step off the bus and find myself in the midst of great festivity.